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Wife, mother, daughter, sister living in Austin, TX trying to give my kids the best life I can.

A Poem

I am a seedling surrounded by siblings sending shoots and roots I explore, grow and expand I am a sapling reaching for the sun tall, trim, flexible I yearn for more I am a tree roots diving deeper and deeper … Continue reading

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“I Could Never Do That.”

You absolutely could do this. It’s been several years since I had the major paradigm shift in my philosophy on education, and rejected the idea that government school is synonymous with childhood. Since then we’ve tried all the porridge, and … Continue reading

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Collaborative Incubation: The Un-unschooling

“All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” – Aristotle Unschooling can be so nebulous. It can morph into an extension of parenting, characterized … Continue reading

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My Last Baby

I knew this day would come. I thought of it the day you were born. As the doctors stood over me, bright lights shining on my body, numb from the chest down, I knew that time was about to take … Continue reading

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Two Important Articles

It has taken me DAYS to plow through these two insightful articles. Instead of back-to-school shopping, we are opting out again. Thanks to the crafters of these works for helping to put into words why our family evaluates, reevaluates and makes … Continue reading

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“We can see that there is no difference between living and learning, that living is learning, that it is impossible, and misleading, and harmful to think of them as being separate. We say to children, ‘you come to school to … Continue reading

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Another Year Come and Gone

“Childhood is not preparation for life, childhood is life. A child isn’t getting ready to live, a child is living.” -Professor T. Ripaldi I can’t believe I did it again. Another 9+ months whizzed by with not a spare second … Continue reading

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